Sperm Freezing

Do not worry over Passing Time: Freeze your Sperms

Being a parent comes with a load of responsibilities. A man has to be fully prepared to be a father. Sometimes a health condition or financial situation comes as a hindrance to being a parent. Under these circumstances, sperm freezing helps to preserve a man’s fertility. Sperm freezing involves the collection, analysis, freezing, and storing of a man’s sperm. A person can choose this procedure either for his own treatment or to donate for someone else’s treatment. The collected sperm sample is quarantined for a period of 3-6 months and checked for infections.

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When does Sperm Freezing come into the Picture?

Freezing the sperms is an effective option for a person who is not ready to settle down yet wishes to start a  family at a later stage of life. Sperm freezing allows him to start a family when the time is right. Other reasons for considering sperm freezing are as follows:

  • The person suffers from a condition that affects his fertility
  • The person is about to undergo treatment for cancer like radiation or chemotherapy
  • Advancing age may sometimes force a person to freeze his sperms
  • If the patient is about to undergo vasectomy, there is a chance of opting for sperm freezing in case he changes his mind on having more children
  • Career and lifestyle choices also make a person consider freezing his sperms
  • The patient has low sperm count or the sperms are of inferior quality

A Quick Glance at the Process

  • The person is checked for infections like HIV or hepatitis
  • The semen sample is collected
  • The sperm is analyzed for quality and quantity
  • Freezing and storing the collected sperm

The process of freezing the sperms usually involves no risk when the semen is collected naturally. When a surgical extraction is done to extract sperms, there is a chance for bleeding to occur. Also, there is no guarantee for all the sperms to survive the freezing process.

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