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Getting pregnant isn't at all times easy. The complete fertility procedure is an emotional roller coaster and it’s very easy to get discouraged. One second you're daydreaming about beginning or rising your family after which unexpectedly a roadblock dashes your hopes. Husband and wife factor may be equally responsible for this situation. Infertility is a reproductive system dysfunction that prevents the conception .

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Conception is a complex process that depends on many different factors, namely, sperms and eggs, patent fallopian tubes, which allow the sperm to reach the egg, the ability of the sperm to fertilise the egg when they come together, the ability of the fertilised egg (embryo) to get implanted in the uterus of women, and sufficient quality of the embryo. In the final analysis, the embryo must be of good quality and an optimal environment should be present inside the uterus if the pregnancy is to continue. Infertility can be a result if any one of these factors is impaired.

Fertility tests are a crucial part of fertility evaluation and treatment. Through thorough evaluation your doctor can most of the times unveil what is combating you and your partner from achieving being pregnant. Your regular gynecologist might perform some fundamental tests. Or, you'll be referred to a reproductive medicine consultant ( specializing in fertility) or an urologist (for male infertility) for detailed check ups. Sometimes the cause of infertility is easy to diagnose and can be adressed .Unprotected (without any contraceptions ) sexual relationships should be there around 12 months before a fertility assessment is carried out. The inability to get pregnant if in case you have been attempting for a while may be distressing. But there are important steps for you and you should go for it. 

Doctors use various methods that would possibly find out your fertility issues. However, there is no specific one test for infertility. Any of these can intrude with getting pregnant. Your clinician might also run tests to your thyroid, or test for different hormones, to rule out prerequisites that may contribute to missed or irregular ovulation.X-ray of the fallopian tubes and uterus is called the Hysterosalpingogram. Your doctor will take the X - rays once you inject fluid dye into the uterus through the vagina. Instead of contrast and X-ray, an alternative method uses saline.

 The HSG can help you to learn whether or not your Fallopian tubes are blocked or some minor uterus defects. The test usually takes place immediately after your menstrual period.Additionally the other tests are Transvaginal ultrasound, Hysteroscopy, and Laparoscopy tests. You can have a blood test to check your follicle-stimulating hormone or FSH levels that will stimulate your ovaries to prepare egg for release every month. High FSH in women may be a sign of ovarian failure.

For the male partner semen analysis is the primary mode of evaluation for subfertility.

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