Embryo Freezing & Embryo Storage

Time is of Essense: Preserve Your Fertility

To be a parent, couples have to be emotionally and physically prepared. A busy lifestyle can sometimes force couples to think twice about having kids. They may wait until they are both financially and emotionally ready to start a family of their own. Embryo freezing allows couples to store embryos for a long period of time. The process usually begins with the production of eggs through ovarian stimulation. The eggs are extracted from the ovaries and fertilized in the laboratory. The resulting embryo is then transferred into the uterus.

Freezing Embryos: How is it done?

Freezing the embryos is no simple task. Cells contain water inside them. When this water freezes, crystals form inside the cell result in cell damage. The biggest concern while freezing the embryos is avoiding cell damage.

  • In cryopreservation, the water inside the cell is replaced by a substance called cryoprotectant
  • The embryos are subjected to increasing levels of cryoprotectant before undergoing the freezing process
  • Either Slow Freezing or Vitrification method is chosen to freeze the embryos
  • In Slow Freezing, the embryos are placed in sealed tubes and the temperature is reduced slowly to the minimum
  • Slow Freezing the embryos prevents the aging of embryo cells and also reduces the risk of damage
  • In Vitrification, the embryos are frozen very quickly, giving no time for the water molecules to form ice crystals. This prevents the embryos from cell damage and thereby ensures the survival of the embryo
  • Once the embryos are subjected to the process of freezing, it is then stored in liquid nitrogen

Why Choose to Freeze your Embryos?

  • It is an excellent option for people with genetic disorders that affect their reproduction
  • People who are about to undergo cancer treatment like chemotherapy can choose this method to preserve fertility
  • An option for people who take medications that affect their fertility
  • Same-sex couples can choose this option to start a family of their own
  • The process allows for genetic screening that aids in a successful pregnancy
  • Embryo freezing allows for single embryo transfer which helps to reduce the possibility of multiple gestations and the accompanying health risks

Embryo freezing is a safe and effective technique to preserve your fertility. Dr. Vivek Vijayakumar and his team can help you find the safest option to preserve your fertility. Let nothing stop you from starting a family of your own.


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