Infertility is one of the major health concerns faced by couples across India. It is the inability of the couples to conceive naturally even after one year of carefully timed unprotected sexual intercourse. Infertility nearly affects 10-14% of the Indian population with higher rates in the urban area.Around 15-20% of couples actively trying to conceive will have fertility problems, which include 40% of female infertility and 30% of male infertility. Interestingly both male and female partners are equally responsible for the decline of fertility rates.


MEN – Varied factors like environmental causes, medical causes, and lifestyle choices have a direct impact on sperm quality, morphology, mobility, and ejaculation that lead to infertility.

WOMEN – A few factors that contribute to female infertility are Endometriosis, PCOS, ovulation disorder, tubal infertility, and, uterine or cervical abnormalities.


The factors which put couples at higher risk of developing infertility include Age, Tobacco use, Alcohol consumption, Overweight or underweight, Lack of physical exercise, and stress.


MEN – The signs that point towards infertility is Lack of sexual desire, Erectile dysfunction, Problem with ejaculation and orgasm, pain or swelling in testicles, Very small and firm testicles and varicocele of testicles.

WOMEN – The easy to identify symptoms of female fertility are Irregular periods, Painful periods, Heavy periods, Hormonal fluctuations, absence of periods, and painful sexual intercourse.


A detailed medical history, physical examination, and investigations are required to assess the cause of infertility in couples. Infertility in men can be detected by semen analysis, which tests the health of the sperm along with blood tests, ultrasound, and chlamydia tests. In female ovulation testing, ultrasound and blood tests are prescribed to detect the cause of infertility. If you haven't been able to conceive in a reasonable amount of time, consult an expert fertility specialist from the top infertility clinic in Kochi for an infertility evaluation and therapy.


The infertility treatment options provided to the couple may depend on the diagnosed factors and the severity of infertility. Initial infertility can be treated with medication and diet modifications. For couples with extreme infertility the infertility specialist will suggest Assisted Reproductive Technology treatment methodologies which include Intrauterine insemination, and Invitro Fertilisation. Why not contact Dr. Vivek Vijayakumar, reputed fertility specialist in the best infertility clinic Kochi to learn more about how we can assist you with infertility problems.

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