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Let Cancer Not stop you from Having Kids!

Kids can change your life drastically. They become your whole life and a life without them would be practically unimaginable. A disease or a genetic condition can prevent you from having a child. But with fertility preservation, you can have a child of your own even if you are suffering from cancer. It is a process where the eggs, sperms, or the reproductive tissues are preserved to be used to have children at a later stage in life. People suffering from diseases such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, or about to undergo cancer treatment can also consider preserving their fertility to ensure the continuation of their generation.

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What Options await Male Cancer Patients?

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy can sometimes affect fertility in men. The following options can be considered if you wish to preserve your fertility:

  • Sperm Bank- also called cryobank, the facility focuses on collecting, freezing, and storing human sperm. This is a safe option for couples who wish to get pregnant through assisted reproductive technologies. The collected sperm sample is analyzed for sperm count and motility. It is also screened for any sexually transmitted diseases and other infections.
  • Testicular Sperm Extraction and Banking- a surgical procedure is conducted to extract a sample of tissue from the testicle that produces sperms. The sperms are extracted and preserved for future use.
  • Testicular Tissue Banking- testicular tissue freezing can be considered by patients who have not hit puberty. Tiny pieces of testicular tissues are removed before going for cancer treatment. These tissues are then frozen for future use.

What are the Fertility Preservation Options for Women?

  • Egg and Embryo Freezing- hormonal medications are injected to stimulate the production of multiple eggs. These eggs are removed through minor surgical procedure and frozen for later use. The patient can use the sperm from her partner or from a donor to create an embryo. This embryo can be frozen and can be used when the patient is ready to start a family of her own.
  • Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation- in this process, the doctors surgically remove an ovary. The tissue would be processed, frozen, and stored for future use by the patient. The patient can use the stored tissue when the time seems right. Once the tissue is re-implanted, it starts producing hormones and eggs.

Do not let cancer steal your dream of starting a family of your own.

Dr. Vivek Vijayakumar and his team can help you find the root cause of your infertility problems and helps you choose the most convenient way to preserve your fertility.


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