Treatment with Donor Sperm

The difficulty of bearing a child is not always because of the defects in women, even men are responsible for not having a child. If a male partner has altered semen parameters or absolutely no sperms in the ejaculate , sperm donation program is used to conceive a child. When the male partner can't provide sperm or semen (a fluid released during ejaculation which helps to conceive) for the fertilization of ovulated eggs, it becomes difficult to conceive a child. It is due to infertility in men. In this situation, a couple searches for a sperm donor.

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What are the criteria to become a sperm donor?

A man who donates sperm can be anonymous or known to the recipient. The sperm is donated only after the detail medical evaluation and screening. The donor has to possess good health and must be free from sexually transmitted diseases and genetic disorders.

Treatment Process

A donor is chosen after the detailed medical tests. Before sperm donation, a donor is instructed to stay from ejaculation for at least two to three days. 

Sperm donation is done at a sperm bank. The donor has to ejaculate semen sample into a sterile cup through masturbation.

The collected semen sample is frozen and it is kept in quarantine for at least three to six months. After that, the donor is again subjected to various medical tests for the final screening of infectious diseases. If the donor gets positive results, it is released for IVF treatment or egg fertilization process.

For the women going In-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure, the eggs are retrieved and fertilized in a laboratory. These eggs combine with sperm and become embryos which are further transferred into the mother's womb.

For women going Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) procedure, the sperm is directly inserted into a woman's uterus around the time of ovulation for the fertilization of eggs.

The sperm donation procedure is safe and doesn't carry any health risks.

Success Rate for Sperm Donation

The success rate for sperm donation depends on various factors related to woman. Woman's age, past history of pregnancy, methods of insemination and number of insemination cycles can affect the chances of becoming pregnant.

Women under 35 years of age with no infertility problems have the best chance of getting pregnant with a sperm donor. The success rate due to sperm donation varies from 50 to 60 percent.

The couple who are unable to conceive a baby due to male infertility can choose for sperm donation. Dr. Vivek Vijayakumar and his team can help you conceive a child. Dr. Vivek's clinic has the best treatments for infertility issues. For more information, contact Dr. Vivek Vijayakumar, Kochi, Kerala. Email to [email protected]

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